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Pet / 2014-16

/rotating mechanics, iron, electric engine, 60x60 cm/

Small children learn how to behave to each other according to the people, who surround them. They overtake the behaviour models from their parents and other adults. They apply these models into their plays and with their alive plush toys or pets. From their position of being „bigger and cleverer“, they try to demonstrate on them their authority and also positive caring and protectionist approach. They create very close relationship with their own toys. They look after them, speak with them, they project themselves and their ideals into them. Toys are live entities in their imagination. I consider children’s relationship with the toy as the first manifest of responsible attitude towards something, which is a live being in their eyes. Toys from childhood evoke positive feelings, the desire to take care, to love, to protect and to be responsible for their things. Man applies these stances towards something he considers vulnerable, valuable and close to him. I would like to appeal on those our primary caring experience with thing or animal and through Pet I would like to apply these positive emotions towards the Earth. As the Earth is live, vulnerable and requires take care of. You can see the Pet in the cage in this installation.
The object is movable and driven by the electric engine.