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Break point / 2016

/perspex, iron, photo in diameter 75 cm, height 105 cm/

The children’s world is predominantly safe until certain moment. It is not burdened by the experience of pain, possibility of injury or physical death. Parents create the feeling of safe environment and could be perceived by children as an all powerful human being, who knows how to manage and explain everything. This illusion about the surroundings, themselves and the others in the child's perception vanishes one day. It is the moment of certain loss of innocence, which determines their knowledge of the world.
But where is the real break point?  Is it the moment when the first card, that creates the paper house of the previous ideas of the world, falls down? Is it one catchable moment until the man is thrown from the relative safety to the continual balancing of uncertainty? If yes, it is surely just a normal ephemeral twinkle, which is not worthy of a significant record. Despite of that, it is the important break point in a sort of epiphany when the man finds out, that something suddenly changed and nothing will be like before.