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Prayer book / 2016

/hair, handkerchief, silicone, perspex, iron, 70x60x40 cm/

The prayer book’s pages are made of linen handkerchiefs. I embroidered positive words on them. Instead of thread I used my hair, which I collected during the time I was ill.
Shamanic cultures are based on sophisticated systems of magic rituals. They believe that shamans are able to cure and to influence the reality by using personal things. The research experiments with human DNA in the field of modern physics confirm these facts. 
I used my hair for the purpose of the positive progress of my treatment. I started to embroider words by using my hair. The words with positive meaning, which I would like to fulfill in my life, qualities that I would like to develop and do not feel the deficit of them. 
Handkerchiefs are tied with string into the book made of Perspex and the imitation of human skin. The cover illustration is the bloody imprint of my face. The blood comes from the periodic examination in the hospital.
The words embroidered on handkerchiefs are:
Strength, will, beauty, diligence, trust, tenderness, respect, love, feeling, tolerance, joy, regard, support, faith, compassion, health.