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Nest / 2013

/beef ribs, 110x40 cm/

A nest has innately encoded potential for a presence of a new life, it is sort of an outer womb; an inhabited place creating the backdrop of all things seen for the first time. A bone is a symbol of the end. It is the last thing proving existence of life of an individual organism.
The fleetingness of things has it specific place in the Buddhist teachings. Every emerging thing is by its very existence bound to perish. And because from the perspective of eternity the length of our existence is negligible, the beginning and end take place practically in one moment. Applying this relativization to our lives, we are since the birth in the process of a permanent end. Thus, according to this theory, every new born baby is effectively dead. Each new thing is already broken. This angle of looking at things, however at first glance it may not seem this way, is ultimately liberating, for it rids us of clinging to stuff.
Combining a creative potential of a new life in a nest with proof of its finality in the shape of a bone creates a new object – a bone nest, as a seemingly disquieting news about natural cycle of all things emerging and disappearing virtually at the same moment.