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From nowhere to nowhere / 2012-15

/wood, laminate, rotating mechanics, electric engine, audio, about 100x300 cm/

The "From Nowhere To Nowhere" installation is featuring mechanic-acoustic object. It is a kinetic installation consisting of a spinning platform in the form of a miniature running track. On an imaginary race course we see statues of despotic leaders who by their actions affected the course of  the past century, impacting thus lives of millions of people. First the manipulators, now they are becoming pawns on the board themselves.

The author rendered the dictators as rocking horses with typical horse-riding attributes, such as a saddle, a bridle, shackles, and placed them on a round platform into the running tracks. Hitler, Mao Zedong, Stalin and Kim Jong-un thus move on and on, just like the rocking horses move nonsensically around on a carousel.

In this context they  become manipulated figures themselves who, by their embarrassing positions, beg the viewer to be subjugated to his/her will, to play with them or simply to demonstrate the line of a good taste related to any manipulation of people.

The installation is completed by a thirteen minutes long sound loop compiling human voices, in which on the backdrop of a sport event we can recognice a life story of an individual. On a  "playground" thus an individual life permeates the context of history.

The spinning platform is 3 m in diameter, the hyper-realistic statues are life-size. The object is moved by an electric engine.