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Blues of the slaughter cattle / 2016

/beef bones, rope, iron construction, electric engine, 115x180 cm/

The cattle carousel is made of beef bones. It attempts to reflect the process how a meat is produced. The carrousel is permanently rotating. It reminds the production line of processing animals’ bodies, the mass production of animals and the fact, that their lives are extremely exploited in the machinery of factory farming. The market is oversaturated by cheap and unhealthy meat products. While no one cares about the quality of animals’ life, living space, the need to move, natural food or normal process of reproduction. Everything is mainly conformed to the economic profitability. The animal is born as an accounting item. In most of the cases it does not live until its adulthood, and it isn’t allowed to live a good life. The man, as the thinking being, has the privilege of power and he should apply it humanely and with respect towards each other and also towards the animals.