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exhibition, Truman Brewery, London, 8. 11. 2019 - 17. 11. 2019

Modern Panic comes to Truman Brewery from 8th - 17th November to celebrate its momentous tenth anniversary of surreal, controversial and provocative art. 

For the past decade this annual exhibition has spearheaded and given a voice to artists whose work does not fit traditional galleries. Its ethos embodies how art should elicit a response, cause a reaction and be transformative, by challenging audiences with its disruptive energy, through a variety of mediums; including fine art, sculpture, photography, live art, film and events.

Modern Panic is a riotous celebration of the subversive, featuring over 70 artists exploring the human psyche through pop surrealism, dark art, magic realism and more, in these most uncertain of times.

Curator: James Elphick, Izdihar Afyouni, Sandra Araujo, Ron Athey, Bonnie Bakeneko, Barbora Balek, Roger Ballen, Aiyla Beau, Hans Bellmer, Ruby Bird, Marc Blackie, Gergely Bukovinszki, William S. Burroughs, Isobel Cortese, Sepideh Tajalizadeh Dashti, Emma Dyason, Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber, Fred Fabre, Hizze Fletcher-King, Doug Francisco, Brian Froud, Kevin Gavaghan, H.R. Giger, Laury Guintrand, Ella Guru, Chiho Iwase, Evelyn Jean, Rebecca Jo Lesely, Brontis Jodorowsky, Jon John, Beau Kerouac, Anais Lalange, Sara Le Roy, Stavroula Lialiou, Evan Lovejoy, Vort Man, Marius Matesan, Jess Mitchell, Nika Moss, Liam Brandon Murray, Holly Nerreter, Lindsay Pickett, Chris Richford, Alex Rose, Sibylle Ruppert, Lucy Sparrow, Ralph Steadman, Peter Sulo, Barbara Taylor, Sonia Tibacov, Martin Tomsky, Paul Toupet, Gaston Ugalde, Hel Vesper, Pamela Walker, Baba Lou Webb, Jeremy Wolf, Charlie Wood, Andris Wood, XSullo, Yuri Zupancic