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exhibition, Artinbox Gallery, Prague, 17. 12. 2020 - 3. 6. 2021

The concept of Barbora Balek's cross-sectional exhibition is based on the term Kunst Kabinet, which since the Renaissance were created as collections of artefacts connecting different fields of science, for example geology, ethnography, archaeology, but also contained religious objects such as relics, historical pieces and cabinet paintings. The exhibition corresponds to the focus of the kunst cabinets with its variety of content, as well as the type of media represented. Smaller installations are complemented by paintings and photographic cycles. In addition to the works already presented in the past, the exhibition will feature a number of new installations in which the artist often works with hair in addition to other materials. They are an irreplaceable carrier of information for her. On the one hand, they encode the exact genetic information of the individual, on the other hand, on a more general level, they carry specific symbolic contents conditioned by the given culture.

Curator: Nadia Rovderová