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exhibition, DOX, Poupětova 1, Prague, 11. 9. 2015 - 25. 1. 2016

The Brave New World exhibition project is based on a comparison of social models as described by Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and Ray Bradbury in their famous dystopic visions of the future, with the current social situation, especially the area of social control, consumerism, and the media.

The primary aim of the authors of the books Brave New World (1932), 1984 (1949) a 451° Fahrenheit (1953) was to galvanize readers and point out possible future threats. Orwell’s model of controlling the population, based on psychological manipulation, fear, and a total absence of privacy, presciently predicted the perfection of monitoring systems, cameras, or chips with biometric information. In the 1930s, Aldous Huxley saw a fundamental threat in technological interventions leading to a controlled splitting of society into castes and as early as the 1950s, Ray Bradbury had predicted the victory of superficial mass-media culture over a society that valued books.

"The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better."

                                                                                                          ― George Orwell

The exhibition Brave New World, will show where their predictions were wrong, and where current reality has exceeded their dark visions many times over. The work of contemporary artists working regularly with subject matter related to social monitoring, the consumer society, and the media world has the same warning message, but alas refers to a future that has already arrived.

Exhibiting Artists: Barbora Bálková (CZ), Zarko Baseski (MKD), Denis Beaubois (AUS), William Betts (USA), Hans Jürgen-Burkard (GER), Bureau d’Etudes (FR), Michal Cimala (CZ), Paolo Cirio & Alessandro Ludovico (USA/IT), Sylvie Fleury (CHE), Farma v jeskyni / Farm in the Cave (CZ), Jason Florio (UK), Douglas Gordon (UK), Heather Dewey-Hagborg (USA), Jens Hikel (GER), Martina Hozová (CZ), Shinseungback Kimyonghun (KOR), Krištof Kintera (CZ), Jan Macko (CZ), Simon Mckeown (UK), Petr Motyčka (collaboration: Filip Hepnar) (CZ), Numen / For Use (HR/AT), Daniel Pešta (CZ),  Reynold Reynolds (USA), Jaroslav Róna (CZ), Surveillance Camera Players (USA), Daisuke Takakura (JAP), Lukáš Weishäupl (CZ) & Anonymous

Curators: Leoš Válka, Michaela Šilpochová